Find exactly where the speed traps are with help from a website that posts the speed traps almost everywhere. First off let me clarify and/or define what I think a "Speed Trap" is. It is any stretch of road where the speed limit changes very quickly in a short span and where law enforcement sit and catch you off guard (for not slowing down fast enough) and write tickets all day and night.

Some cities have been rumored to have had officers sit at speed traps in shifts around the clock during holiday weekends catching unsuspecting speeders. Granted, drivers should always pay attention to the posted speed limit signs. However, a simple sign that says, "THIS IS A SPEED TRAP" would do more to slow traffic down in those high danger areas. Do you know of a speed trap? And where is the closest speed trap to you?

Drivers from every U.S. state have reported speed trap locations to the National Motorists Association’s National Speed Trap Exchange. Think about it, it's a three day holiday weekend, the roadways will be a very busy, the risk of driving increases greatly. Law enforcement will be out writing tickets

With the combination of heavy holiday traffic, federally-funded ticketing campaigns, and financially-strapped local and state governments, travelers have a good reason to feel like they have dollar signs painted on their cars.

I'll share with you my little secret that has helped me tremendously, in watching my speed while traveling, are you ready for this.

I have an after market GPS that attaches to the windshield with two suction cups. I got it for my birthday from my daughter, while I knew nothing about this little gem. Once I learned how to program it the model I have I programed it to chirp at me when the speed limit changes and that my friend is thee best thing since sliced bread.

In my effort to make this a happy and safe holiday weekend for you, I'm sharing the websites of interest to help you avoid a costly ticket, frustration, anger and maybe get you to slow-down and look-around. Take in the sights and save some lives. The NMA has identified most cities in every state using data directly from the National Speed Trap Exchange. There is also a smart phone app that can help alert you to speed limit changes and speed traps.

Check out the information on nearly 70,000 speed traps as listed by state and city, you can visit the Exchange for Texas and for Abilene to see where folks are reportedly being ticketed.
Please slow down and be safe this holiday weekend.