One airline that flies to routes across the state of California has offered a new way of possibly saving some bucks for their more frequent fliers.

And it’s definitely pretty revolutionary.

Customers can pay a monthly premium to fly as much as they want to on the airline’s routes.

Surf Air, based out of San Diego, CA, has accepted membership applications from customers who are interested in joining the new “all you can fly” offer. Rates run as low as $790 a month and Surf Air aims to sign no more than 500 members to the new deal.

So far, the airline only offers flights to four cities in California, but hopes to expand its hubs to include Las Vegas, San Diego, Napa Valley and Palm Springs, among others.

It’s not the first time an airline has offered an “all you can fly” package for a regular subscription or membership fee. Both JetBlue and Sun Country Airlines of Minnesota have offered similar deals to their customers.