Brantley Gilbert is a well known name around most parts of Georgia. However, Brantley Gilbert is real well known around Nashville, the Jason Aldean home, and with most of today's country singers looking for a hit song to record. Gilbert is responsible for writing several songs that Jason Aldean has recorded, and the last two number one songs Aldean had were "Dirt Road Anthem" and "My Kinda Party" came from Brantley Gilbert's pen.


Recently, Gilbert let this little known jewel of a video out that has him and country rapper Colt Ford writing the song "Dirt Road Anthem" which went straight to the top of the charts recently and stayed there for more than four weeks, which is unheard of in today's fast moving charts. So if you have ever wanted to write your own hit song, study this video closely and take lots of notes. Brantley is one of country musics best singer and songwriters.
It's apparent that Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert have a special working relationship going, because when one is thinking of one angle to deliver the song the other is approaching the song from yet another angle. Now don't be fooled by his young looks either, this kids been around. On March 16, 2010, Gilbert released his sophomore album, "Halfway To Heaven" to the follow-up a freshman album, "A Modern Day Prodigal Son". His second album peaked at #2 on iTunes Country Album Charts.

“The Best of Me,” a song from Gilbert’s first album was recorded by Country superstar Jason Aldean and earned a spot on his iTunes release "Wide Open". Gilbert says “It’s an honor that someone like Jason Aldean would want to record one of my songs. It’s a big step for me as a songwriter and I couldn’t have asked for a better artist to perform the songs. After all, he is a Georgia boy too!” Brantley went on to say, “I’ve realized that life can be very short, and everyone should take advantage of it, if you’re gonna live, do something with it. Make it great.”

As tour dates multiply throughout the South, Gilbert’s fan base continues to expand. Gilbert has been called "the new voice for both Country and Southern Rock music genre." He also continues to sell out venues throughout the country. Which is what is expected to happen here in Abilene when Brantley Gilbert comes back to play for an exclusive for TownSquare Media show called the Taste of Country Christmas Tour slated for December 16 at Guitars and Cadillacs. Keep checking back for more updates to come right here at 1280-KSLI.