Tim McGraw has been busy during his current Tour schedule. Tim isn't really getting busy on stage, it's his backstage antics that are keeping the country superstar busy. In his recent concert tours his tour-mates Lady Antebellum and Luke Bryan are finding out, that Tim McGraw can't be trusted, because he is always looking for a way to prank them.

When Tim McGraw isn't busy with his wife and kids backstage he helps relieve the stress on everyone by planing pranks on his tour mates. His latest prank was pulled on Lady Antebellum and later in the tour the unsuspecting Luke Bryan.

Lady Antebellum was joined on stage by Tim and his band members appeared shirtless, wearing nothing but gym shorts, tennis shoes , bandannas and a smile.

Luke Bryan is next on the Tim McGraw hit list. Luke drove his vintage 4-wheel drive Ford Bronco. When Luke goes on stage to perform he leaves his Bronco parked backstage unattended, that's when Tim has his hired painters spray paint graffiti all over the Luke's pride and joy. Luke Bryan was relieved to discover the paint is temporary.