Virgin Airlines owner and entrepreneur Richard Branson is ready to start taking his passengers into outer space, or at least into sub-orbital space in his new Virgin Space-Craft that is launched from a special aircraft named White Knight Two. This new flying platform is said to be ready for space travel beginning December 2012. The airport for such a venture is located next door to the White Sands missile range in Alamogordo New Mexico.


430 people have already purchased tickets, priced at just over $200,000 each, which makes for 70 flights into sub-orbital space. This flight will allow the public (that can afford the flight), to experience zero gravity and to see what astronauts have looked at during space travel. Those that take the flight will experience just under ten minutes of zero gravity, Branson is also planning on putting in a “Space Hotel Station” for those wanting to vacation in outer space.


Of the 430 that have signed up for the the flight, many are Americans, the rest come from over 20 different countries. No word yet on whether you will need a passport to re-enter the earth or whether TSA will require the customary pat-down.