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What Is Hospice Care?
I've learned that hospice is not a place but more so a philosophy of care. Hospice is dedicated to providing quality, in-depth compassionate care to anyone with a life threatening illness. I've learned that hospice is not just for the patient, it's for family members as well. I'v…
‘Kissing Bug’ Brings Deadly Chagas Disease to Texas
There is a bug that has made it's way to Texas, it looks harmless, but can mean major health problems if not diagnosed early. The Reduviid bug or 'kissing bug' carries a parasite that causes Chagas disease and can lead to heart damage and possible death if left untreated.
Bee Venom Therapy is a Real Thing, and Could Treat MS
One person's nightmare can be another person's life saver. I've spent most of my life scared out of my wits of bee stings, but little did I know that bee stings - and the venom they release - are used as a form of therapy for a number of ailments, including multiple sclerosis and othe…

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