I've been trying to share some good but easy recipes with you because we are all busy and need good food fast. School is back in session, extracurricular activities have begun, homework takes over the evenings and you just want to sit down and breathe for 5 minutes. This is my easiest recipe yet!

This is a family recipe passed down through generations. It is especially enjoyed by teenagers and college students. It's inexpensive, filling and easy to prepare.

You will need:

Water (boiling)

Ramen noodles  (these come in various packaging these days)

Now back in my day Ramen noodles came in one form. It was a package you poured into boiling water. However, with today's technology you have microwavable versions as well.

Shay Hill

First you choose your version. A package, small microwavable, or super sized monster microwavable. For the packaged version you will need to boil your water on the stove, add your noodles and flavor packet. Stir and let stand according to directions. Then enjoy. You can also choose one of the microwave versions. Add water to your cup, place in microwave and heat according to directions. Then enjoy.

Shay Hill

I have to say you really should not feel guilty about serving this kind of meal. It contains pea, carrots and corn so they are technically getting their veggies.I served this to some of my co-workers and they loved it!

And just look, in this must watch video, how enjoyable it can be.