Kevin Fowler will be playing in Abilene tonight at the Lucky Mule Saloon. I have known Kevin for many years and consider him a friend, not just a musician. We've got some great stories from the many times he's visited Abilene but there is one in particular that is a running joke between the two of us. My driving. I think I'm great; Kevin claims he needs a crash helmet.

It was during the cold months one year when Kevin was in town playing and the bus heaters quit working. I had picked Kevin up from the club to come to the station for an interview and he asked, once we finished, if I could take him by a Lowe's or Home Depot to get a couple of space heaters. "Of course" I said, "not a problem."

We head out to get the heaters and I look over and he's grabbing for the hand rail above the door. I swear, I wasn't speeding, I was looking both ways, I was stopping at all stop signs and red lights; so I'm not sure what he was afraid of but he had fear in his eyes.

I think when we finally got back to the club, he opened the door, fell out and kissed the ground. I think. I don't remember for sure. Anyway, needless to say Kevin always finds alternate transportation to the station now. In fact, Rudy Fernandez text him and told him one of us would come pick him for the interview today. Rudy got a text back that simply said "tell Shay I've found a ride."

I guess my dream of one day being his bus driver has quickly been squashed.

All kidding aside, Kevin is a great guy with a great sense of humor. He's got a great heart and we love having him visit when possible.