As a cancer patient I am now paying more attention to information about ways to fight or prevent the disease. If and when I run across something I might want to try I ask my oncologist what his thoughts are on the subject. Needless to say, after watching this video, I will have some questions for him next week at my appointment.

The oncologist in this piece suggests that inflammation is a major cause of cancer and heart disease. Having said that anything you wear, like shoes, that cause your feet to hurt and in turn cause inflammation could lead to a higher chance of cancers. I’m a little skeptical that removing, say high heels, could reduce your chances of cancer. Then again anything is worth a try, especially if it is that easy.

Avoiding vitamin supplements? I thought vitamins were good for you. Seems they don’t really have any real benefits for anything.

It also seems that taking a baby aspirin a day could solve many problems. Baby aspirin, a wonder drug? It’s worth looking into further, I think.

What are your thoughts? Are these some things you would try if it lowered your chances of getting cancer?